Organisational coaching is who we are and what we do. 

Who we are at Organisational Coaching is an organisation of coaches. We are all professional, qualified and experienced in the art and craft of coaching. We are knowledge leaders, pushing at the boundaries of what coaching is, could be and needs to be for organisations of the future. Our international hubs are in London and Zurich and we work virtually as comfortably as we work in-person. We seek to work with other aspiring organisations who draw purpose and value from the quality of interpersonal relationships. We have a fantastic list of clients. And we are keen to work with more. 

What we do at Organisational Coaching is organisational coaching. We provide excellent 1:1 coaching. But we don’t limit the value of coaching to 1:1 conversations. We have mastered team coaching through our deep knowledge of Inter-Dependent and Extra-Dependent Teams in such a way that clients invite us to work beyond the team and into broader systems within their organisation. At all levels we are practicing organisational coaching, working consistently, systemically, creatively and with agility, for our clients and their stakeholders. 

At Organisational Coaching we partner with those who: 

Want a Coach: to be coached as a leader or team 

Want to Coach: to learn how to coach individuals or teams 

These two approaches combine into a powerful proposition for organisations wishing to develop coaching skills and wider coaching culture by providing: 

   – The coaching skills for managers to shift to a coaching leadership style 

   – The coaching qualifications to internal coaches to provide a high standard of coaching 1:1 and team coaching capability 

   – Excellent accredited external coaching capability to support organisations with their most crucial leaders, teams and relationships

Our Organisational Coaching essentially originates from team coaching, but is not limited to a particular team. Instead we consider the wider system that is affecting the need we are working on and engage with it – In-Tension-Ally.

We are not Agile coaches, but incorporate agility and organisational learning into our work. We are not Teal protagonists, yet the essence of Laloux’s work is at the heart of our coaching. We are Organisational Coaches – we use 1:1, team and team-of-team coaching to add the most value to the most people.

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