Tension Seeker

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Tension Seeker

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Why would you ever want to be a Tension Seeker?!

I love being inspired. Yesterday, whilst hearing what challenges a client needs to master, I heard about the avoidance of tension.

The benefit was avoiding complications. Keeping safe and driving forward. Getting to the destination as quickly as possible!

The drawback was missing the customer. Without cross-functional alignment, it was making them less successful in achieving ambitious goals.

What are the benefits of being a Tension Seeker?

  • Get to root causes quicker
  • Engage in dialogue, deepening relationships and trust
  • Hear what needs to be heard and say what needs to be said

How can we get ready to be Tension Seekers?

  • Be clear about our agenda (if we have one) and seek to understand the agenda of others (if they have one)
  • Ask; “What do we really need to focus on?”, “What are we avoiding?” or “What else are we avoiding?”
  • The Point of Tension. Be ready to feel anxious, excited, fearful or another sensation. This is what you’re seeking! When you’re here…. stay here! “I notice I feel [x] about this, how are you?”

Tension arises even in the best relationships. It’s normal! Avoiding it is missing an opportunity to learn, grow and flourish together.

Be a Tension Seeker.

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