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Coaching of teams is on the increase.  This might be because of the increasing complexity of organisational life, or it could be the desire to replace hierarchy with trusting collaboration.  Either way, we have been part of the rise in team coaching, having worked in multiple organisations with many different teams, for many years.  

What makes our team coaching powerful and meaningful? 

Our team coaching is systemic – we see the team within the complexity of the whole.  

We coach the whole team and each individual member – not everything can be done as a whole team and this agile approach helps the team’s agility too.

Our client is the team, not any one member – this helps position us in service of all of them, together.

Our process is consistent, but your experience is unique  – as we work to your purpose. 

We help you explore the fundamental questions that teams find it hard to clarify: What do your stakeholders expect of you?  What is your team’s purpose?  What value do you create as a team?  How do you combine together to create that value?  How do you relate to your stakeholders to deliver that value?  What is your pace of learning, compared to the pace of change around you?   

We coach you as the team you are.  Some teams want to be better Inter-Dependent Teams.  Others want to be better Extra-Dependent Teams.  But some are Extra-Dependent Teams trying to be Inter-Dependent teams and vice-versa.  And some are teams that simply think that meeting together makes them a team.  The nature of the team will depend on what it’s stakeholders need – we work with you to maximise the natural power of each type of team and help you save energy trying to be something that you’re not.  

An analogy.  We see team coaching like an expedition through the jungle.  Your team are the explorers hacking through the thick vegetation, frustrated with not being able to see ahead and the slow progress.  It’s not just the dynamics in the team, it’s about the demands the jungle has on you.  You have an idea about where you want to get to, but the energy-sapping work is eroding cohesion.  

As team coaches our work takes on a number of related roles.  We’re like experienced Explorers, we will help you to pause, climb a tree to get a full view, knowing that stopping will speed things up.  We’re like Biologists, we’ll help you understand the best vegetation to cut through, better still when it’s easier to work with it and find a route around.  We’re like Cartographers, we’ll help you make sense of the map to get you to where you want to go.  And we’re like Chaplains, helping you to check each other out, share your food, water and first aid so that you’re stronger together.  We’re like Ecologists, rather than destroying the jungle on the way through we help you to leave it in a better state than when you found it.

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