We are all qualified coaches with decades of experience working within organisations. We love what we do – developing critical people capability so that many more benefit. With offices in the UK and Switzerland, we aim to work with the most influential people within market-leading organisations. We know then that our work will have the greatest meaningful impact.

James Woodeson

Organisational Coach. ICF PCC. ICF Zurich Chapter Chair. 15 years experience leading teams and P&L’s, HSBC

Kathryn Woodeson

Organisational Coach. ICF ACC. 16 years Management Consulting experience

Dave Kesby

Organisational Coach. Author of Extra-Dependent Teams. 20+ years experience in development within organisations.

Carmen Timor

Organisational Coach and Facilitator. Global Change Management. Agile Coach. Lean Six Sigma.

Philip Atkinson

ICF PCC Coach & Facilitator. 20 years Communications experience. Agile. Teal.

Rachael Waldinger

Advanced level Executive Coach. 15 years OD consulting experience. Former CEO.

Jennie Fletcher

Executive Coach, consultant and facilitator. Business strategist. 30+ years working in and with teams.

Fredrika Rylander

ICF ACC Coach and Facilitator. 30 years Communications, Cultural change and Talent development experience.

Daryl Watson

AC Executive Coach. Facilitator and Trainer. Sales & Relationship Management.

Kerry Huggler

Finance and Program Manager. CPA.

Rebecca Benton

Executive Coach and Consultant. Leadership Development. NED.
Tech, Finance and UK Government.

Richard Wells

Advanced level Executive Coach. Transformation and Change Consultant. 25 years Executive Committee HR leadership.

Damian Warren

Executive 1:1 and Team Coach, Facilitator

Glenn Widelko

Executive 1:1 and Team Coach, Facilitator

Tim Hoaen

Executive 1:1 and Team Coach, Facilitator

Anna Sagalova

Executive 1:1 and Team Coach, Facilitator

Ailsa Birkett

Executive 1:1 and Team Coach, Facilitator

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