Kathryn Woodeson

Hello, I’m Kathryn Woodeson and my passion is emergent coaching, where I support my clients to explore the possibilities to be at their best.

I have spent the last 18 years learning about business. How it works, from start-ups to global organisations, and growing my interest and expertise in how global, cross cultural organisations manage and derive value from change.

I have done this through my experience as a chartered accountant, a management consultant with two Big 4 firms, as in-house Head of Change roles within FS, and now actually being that business start-up! I have worked with 40+ companies ranging in size, sector and mentality across five different countries.

I also draw reflections from my personal experience of transitioning into and out of roles, teams, organisations and countries. Each role has challenged me in a different way, and often not how I expected or anticipated.

I have learned that change is constant and that support and a different perspective can deliver breakthroughs. Change can be enjoyable, it depends on our mind-set. I like to work collaboratively with individuals and teams to move together towards a shared goal.

I enjoy focusing on the human aspect of change through executive coaching. I aspire to make change a positive, real and personal experience.

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