Glenn Widelko

Hello, I am Glenn Widelko and I’m passionate about people and performance and creating high performance cultures that deliver results.

As an accredited Master Executive Coach, I consider myself fortunate that my coaching career began at Shell long before coaching became the profession it is today. What 20 years’ experience has taught me is we can … and I love to deeply connect with clients, helping them realise they can!

With a background as a clinical therapist, I take a pragmatic, client-centred approach, facilitating engaging, thought-provoking conversations that help clients stop and think … differently. It is all about a collaborative partnership that puts clients at ease, enabling a readiness to stretch and challenge with depth and perspective.

Experience has taught me we mostly underestimate ourselves … so I connect deeply with clients, so they connect deeply with themselves, discovering strengths and capabilities they often would never have anticipated. It’s about connecting the dots … sweeping out the ‘old’ to make way for the ‘new’.

Based on my experience coaching talent to exceed expectations is my book, The Stretch Zone, which turns confidence on its head, enabling people to step outside their comfort zones … and realise their potential. When we unlock talent and potential from within, it is authentic and congruent, real and sustainable.

With a background in the behavioural sciences as a clinical therapist, I am CIPD-accredited in L&D and an accredited Master Executive Coach (AC). I’m BPS-accredited in psychometric testing, including MBTI, 16PF, SDI & Hogan – and as part of my CPD I’m completing an MSc in Executive Coaching.

“Glenn is a tremendous coach and he does it in such an unassuming way. He listens with such depth and when he does say something it is always so incisive.”

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