Anna Sagalova

Hello, I am Anna Sagalova and my passion is to help people and organisations to (re)discover their beauty, reinvent themselves and amplify their ability to make a positive impact on our World.

I have enjoy 20+ years of professional experience as coach, consultant, executive and entrepreneur working in diverse corporate (OD consulting, coaching, finance) and cultural environments (Switzerland, Russia, UK, US, Netherlands).

Prior to pivoting my career to organisational and leadership development I had a fulfilling
corporate career with global financial institutions. As a regional Chief Risk Officer of a global bank, IB Director, I led teams, was in charge of a multibillion assets portfolio, delivered to the execution of international IPOs and major corporate turnarounds.The leadership experience helps me to speak my client’s language, understand their professional context and offer a good balance of expertise, challenge and support.

Today I work with clients ranging from start-ups founders to C-level executives and teams to help them develop as high-performing yet human-centric. And to skillfully ‘ride the change wave’ when it comes to individual or organisational transformation.

I am a big believer in the importance and the possibility of creating successful businesses grounded in people thriving at the work place.

My work is grounded in my professional and personal experience with change and Reinvention, as is my academic and professional training. I am an Oxford Said / HEC trained change consultant and coach, hold Masters degree in Psychometrics and Psychological Counselling, BA in Economics and numerous executive and team coaching certifications, including, EMCC / ICF accredited Master Practitioner in Systemic team Coaching.

I enjoy the most seeing my clients’ breakthroughs in terms of the results as well as state of being, and that happening thanks to our joint process of discovery, co-creation and transformation, and their own genius.

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