Our courage

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Our courage

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What gets in the way of our courage?

Being with leaders, teams or other coaches – and especially myself – I’ve noticed a common theme which is a curious paradox of courage and change.

To be courageous, we must be wholly committed, but we must also be aware at the same time that we might be (or get it) possibly wrong.

This relationship between conviction and doubt and those who enjoy it, seem able to have the highest courage. Able to take a leap of faith into un-knowing.

By contrast, when we get stuck in needing to get it right, be perfect or lack the experience of just one try… it can be remarkably challenging for us and others.

When there is a fixed, absolutely convinced position… this seems a signal of blocked learning and unconscious doubt.

As I write this, I notice the relationship between this and decision anxiety. Which is amusing as I’d decided what I was going to write (conviction) and then went with this change (I was wrong)!

I also notice that my conviction tends to be in the gut/heart. My doubt is in my head. Sound familiar?

Deciding not to decide may be wise. By contrast, we might decide quickly and implement softly. Take time and space to adjust as new data and learning emerges.

Be wholehearted. Be courageous.

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