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We’re often asked what the difference is between Mentor Coaching and Supervision.  Here is our perspective.

Mentor Coaching is typically focussed on the core competencies and skills required by accrediting coaching bodies such as the International Coach Federation.  The Mentor Coach will work with individuals or groups to support their development towards meeting and exceeding the core competencies as they work towards their own accreditation.  The Mentor Coach will provide a written report for the Mentee, which will include an assessment of a recorded coaching session.

Supervision is typically focussed on accredited coaches who are seeking to work with an experienced practitioner.  They are seeking a relationship where they can learn, develop, be challenged, be supported and also have an ethical gate-keeper to seek clarification on the way the person is practicing.  A supervisor may also ensure that a practitioner is meeting the core competency requirements for accreditation purposes.  The Supervisor will provide a written report for the Supervisee, which will include an assessment of a recorded coaching session if required for accreditation purposes.

A Relational approach to Mentor Coaching & Supervision

We believe that the practice of coaching benefits from skilled Supervision.  Our Supervisors have extensive training and experience in their modality.  They bring a full range to each relationship which will include coaching, mentoring and advising.  What is expected and required by the Supervisee/Mentee is co-created and reviewed regularly.

Our Relational approach pays particular attention to the Self, Other and Situation which our clients and their clients by extension are engaged with.  This holistic approach provides multiple perspectives to ensure that the focus of the work does not miss the end client.

Who do we work with?

We work with two distinct groups in two distinct approaches.

The first group is coaching practitioners who work either 1:1 or in Team Coaching.  The practitioner may be an independent coach or an internal coach whose primary role is to coach.  The second group are Leaders in Organisations who are expected to coach as part of their role in their team and beyond into their Organisation.  Therefore, their primary role is to lead or manage, rather than to coach.

The first approach we use is to work 1:1.  The second approach is to work in Groups or Communities of Practice.  Both approaches have merit and can be applied within Organisations for either internal coaches, coach pools or leaders expected to coach.

Our Supervisors

James Woodeson is our lead Supervisor for 1:1 work.

Dave Kesby is our lead Supervisor for Team work.

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