The Power of Questions

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The Power of Questions

Mini series

What is Organisational Coaching?

Part 1 – The Power of Questions

Part 2 – Taking a Step Back

Part 3 – The Power of Not Knowing

Part 4 – What we’ve learnt about Organisational Coaching

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Glenn Widelko

Coach, Supervisor & Programmes

We believe the true value of the question, ‘What is organisational coaching?’, is not so much in the answer, but in the question itself.

At the heart of any capable coaching practice is the art of asking thought-provoking questions that help people to stop and think … differently. And with the question in question, it is no different. It is in that pause to consider that we find real value, value that helps us step from what we think we know, to that which yet remains to be discovered and known.

Walking-the-talk, whenever this question comes up, while we certainly have our ideas and experience of what organisational coaching means, it is our practice to set aside preconceived ideas, to stop and think, as if for the first time, and to facilitate client conversations around what this question means to them, enabling an emergent journey of discovery and intrigue that is centred around their context and aspirations.

In this way, rather than a defined known and preconceived outlook, we take an emergent approach, allowing insights, aspirations and perspectives to surface in a way that is contextually relevant and meaningful. We believe that everyone deserves to be led well and, practising what we preach, we consciously choose not to go down the path of telling people what to think. Instead, we help our clients to think for themselves, creating their own vision and culture in a way that places them centre-stage.

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