Reflections on a Leadership Development Programme

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Reflections on a Leadership Development Programme

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Glenn Widelko

Coach, Supervisor & Programmes

Working with 145 leaders of a post-agile-transformation digital unit

Success in navigating organisational change does not happen by accident. Change takes leadership, balancing foresight and planning as well as the capacity to observe what is working and what is not working as our plans meet reality, and to adapt accordingly. And change is not optional, it is a necessity, where our capacity to thrive in readiness for the future depends on our willingness to embrace change.

Success takes many things, including sound leadership to embrace the vision with its challenges and opportunities as leaders figure out how to implement the different ways of working, a challenge for all leaders, as they cascade the change and enable the organisation to adapt with foresight emergently.

The Leadership Development Program, facilitated by Organisational Coaching, aimed to engage the leadership community, to provide opportunities for multiple cohorts to explore and learn as they figure out how to make the transition into a sustainable reality. Reflecting back as a cohort facilitator who had the pleasure of being part of this remarkable journey with these remarkable people, here are three reflections:

Steadiness in Turbulence
While the programme explored a wide range of topics, perhaps the most important has been the safe space for leaders to share, explore and discover collaboratively in turbulent times of uncertainty.

Emergent Learning
Arising out of the cohort journeys has been an emergent learning experience, the outcomes of which could never have been anticipated at the start, learning that has been different for different individuals.

Awakened Potential
Perhaps the greatest outcome has been the awakened potential across the leadership community, where leaders have begun to appreciate possibilities about themselves that they’d not imagined previously.

What has been an incredibly achievement is that, in the context of Covid19, the cohort journeys have been entirely digital, creating a cost-effective approach to transformational readiness.

Yet, the journey is not done. Our challenge is to continue to put what we have learnt into practice, allowing our new-found possibilities to ripple out, throughout the organisation, so the few can make a lasting difference for the many, as we lead with foresight and adapt to reality right in front of us.

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