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Coaching has grown in popularity for many years.  Increasingly, it is also considered a valuable source of objective support and challenge for leaders at all levels across an organisation.

Our 1:1 coaching recognises that any leader we coach is never isolated.  They are part of a system which relies on them to empower, motivate, perform and lead through others.  

We believe that 1:1 coaching needs to appreciate three key perspectives.  Self, others and the organisational context.  In being deliberate to integrate these, our clients become more confident in who they are, relating with the people who rely on them and contributing to the sustainability of the organisation that relies on them.

What makes our 1:1 coaching different and meaningful?


We believe that the number one determining factor for successful outcomes is the quality of the relationship between the coach and the client.  Through a co-created and iterative relational process, clients become increasingly confident to stretch themselves and spend time in moments of tension and deep learning.  This enables them to take their relational experience with their coach into their broader system.  At a deeper level, this relates to the relationship each has with themselves.  Our role is to bring our whole selves in support of clients to be their whole selves.  Therefore, we do not create a false dichotomy between work and life.  We coach the whole person.

Creative and range-full

You won’t find our model of coaching in a book (yet!).  Why?  Quite simply, we don’t believe there is one way to coach you.  We invest in our personal development as coaches to expand and deepen our own range, in service of our clients.  This enables us to meet our clients where they are, not where we think they should be.  From this place, we bring our whole-selves to every coaching encounter, enabling our clients to be exactly who they are.  From this place, we bring a play-full and creative approach to experimenting with different ways of being.


The coaching relationship is designed to be a trusting and stretching space for our clients.  This supports experimenting with topics in ways which are quite often beyond words.  Our belief is that elements of fun and play are often the perspective which supports breakthroughs.  This can often be a stretching experience for both the coach and the client as they take the Creative Leap together.  Our coaches are highly skilled at co-creating experiments and grading the challenge involved with the client.  

Ethical and experienced practitioners

All our coaches have invested in training and continue to do so.  We are all accredited with the International Coach Federation.  In addition, we all engage with our own Coach Supervisor who is independent to our practice and is there to support us if and when we get stuck or have personal development needs of our own.  This keeps us at our learning edge in service of each other and our clients.

Our coaches have worked with people at all levels in organisations from graduate to CEO.  Across multiple industries and geographies.  From many walks of life.  We pay particular attention to cultural, power, gender and diversity phenomena which may have an impact in the coaching relationship and beyond.

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