6 half days

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In-person and virtual

Approx. 12 participants

When leaders bring their coaching style to the team level people’s full combined potential can start to be realised

Who is this program for?

Leaders who have already developed a 1:1 coaching leadership style and want to move their skills to the next level. This programme is most suited to team leaders or aspiring team leaders, but is also the starting point for experienced internal coaches wanting to explore team coaching before attending the Organisational Team Coach program.

What will this program include?

We bring real-world team coaching experience. You will gain a cutting edge knowledge of how different teams find their unique purpose within organisational systems. You will learn how to discover and develop the influences that affect what the team does and how it does it, from inside and outside the team. We explore key tensions that construct strong teams – trust, difference and creativity. Everything we do as a learning group is experiential and adaptable for the leaders’ own teams. This includes supporting materials. So as you learn your team develops.

How will this program run?

This programme combines virtual and in-person modules to mirror the realities of the new normal. Over a 1 month period, the 6 x ½ day modules will provide ideal opportunities to gradually apply

Currently being run in-house. Open program coming soon.

To speak to us about joining our open program or us running a program in-house for your organisation

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