Supervision of an Internal Coach Pool for a Global Firm

Supervision of an internal coach pool

Client's challenge

The organisation offers coaching for specific situations from an internal pool of coaches, who work predominantly 1:1 with a range of people with different seniority from across their locations. They also offer group and team coaching, which is a new initiative where the coach pool are developing their skills.

Our collaboration

We were asked if we could provide a new supervisor for the group, who had worked with another provider for some time. There had been some concerns expressed about the style of supervision which was taking place.

During a chemistry session between the team and our supervisor, we sought to understand what was needed by the individuals and the collective. We explored how we might form a working alliance focussed on their personal and collective development needs.

The team was very experienced in their 1:1 coaching and as a result, they realised how beneficial it would be for an objective outsider to support the ongoing development of this team.

We were able to provide 1:1 and Group supervision and also, a bespoke Group Coaching training program.

The supervision also included a Masterclass on Creative Coaching, which was a topic which really mattered to the team.

What we learned:

A group of coaches has a variety of different development needs and there are often common themes. The nuances lend themselves to deeper development within a group setting. Supporting this with 1:1 sessions is transformational.


The client was able to offer their team of coaches a qualified Supervisor to work with them in a variety of ways. As this started during and after the lockdown periods of Covid, we were also able to offer both virtual and in-person development sessions.

As the needs of the group were not limited to supervision, we were able to provide a different coach to support their development as group coaches, through a training solution.

Our relational approach also supported the development of the identity of this group of experts to become a team. Learning from and with each other.

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