Organisational Coaching & Development for E-commerce Organisation

Case study illustration - E-commerce Coaching and Development

Client's challenge

In the last 12 months, this ‘new’ organisation has been created as a merger of different organisations who had previously been competitors. This created a unique opportunity for the new organisation to capitalise on the different value which each had previously created. The challenge was to integrate different worlds and to create the conditions for success at the leadership level.

Our collaboration

Working initially with the one of the vertical lines we were engaged to run a two day workshop for an extended Leadership Team. In preparation, we interviewed each member to identify the key themes which existed and this aided our design to be more effective. We co-created and iterated the design with a member of the team who was responsible for people and culture. Subsequently, we were asked to coach the re-formed Leadership Team on a 1:1 and Group basis. We were also asked to aid part of the facilitation of a whole-org event. This work is ongoing.

In addition, we were engaged by the second vertical to consider a similar engagement for its Leadership Team. A 2-day offsite was planned, with all members being interviewed in addition to key stakeholders including functions, the Group CEO and members of the broader team. 1:1 and Group coaching of the Leadership Team is ongoing.

This work has provided deep insights into the existing situation at this organisation and the opportunities and challenges which face the teams. There is in-teaming, out-team and cross-teaming work to be done. What is fascinating is to appreciate the distinct cultural differences between the business verticals and also, the diversity within the teams as members have come from different heritages. We have most recently been invited to consider a similar approach for both the Executive Leadership Team and the third vertical.

Groups of people wanting to become teams. Their potential strength is in their difference and their similarity. We are enjoying this process of supporting and challenging these people to be the best they can be.


Any situation involving increased stress or significant challenge will benefit from greater support. In providing an intimate environment, we are working with these teams to develop trust, understanding, empathy and other attributes required for high performing teams to work together and across team effectively.
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