Leadership Development Program for Global Consumer Goods

Case study illustration - Global consumer goods

Client's challenge

Due to a desired cultural transformation our client needed to onboard 1,500 people to a new, worldwide digital organisation in short time frame. We were contracted to set up, design and deliver an onboarding workshop for all 1,500 people and a leadership development program for the new 140 leaders across the globe.

Our collaboration

We were involved in two different Work Packages:

  • Design and delivery of 23 one-day workshops covering 1,500 employees across the world. This was a mixture of information sharing to the whole group (up to 100 people) and break-out sessions with smaller groups (up to 10 people) in an experiential workshop format. Workshop objectives included engaging with the personal experience of change & transformation and sharing it with colleagues, connecting with resources and people to support you as an individual, and developing a personal plan for what you need to do next.
  • Design and delivery of a leadership development program over 12 months. The goal being to equip leaders with knowledge and skills, through coaching and experiential learning, to lead in the new organisation: complexity in an dynamic Agile environment that spans multiple cultures: What is the mindset to lead in this environment and how can it be encouraged? How do individuals respond to change? How can they support and develop themselves so they can support and develop others?

The goal is to develop the mindset and skills to bring new, emergent and incremental changes to the organisation for the long term. We worked 1:1, in small discussion groups, as larger groups and as whole community work to create space for self-reflection and exploring group dynamics.

What we learned:

You have to get going to know how it is going to be received and experienced. Then, be flexible to evolve the design based on feedback.


All 1,500 people have been allowed to participate in the workshop and understand what the change means for them. They tell us they now feel better equipped to face change and uncertainty. In the leadership development program, leaders are developing a stronger awareness of themselves and their impact on others, there is a better understanding of their new roles and responsibilities as leaders, and increased capability and belief to execute. There is a focus on Change: importance, impact and how to enable. We work with real situations that emerge from the cross culture cohorts and explore the dynamics present.
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