Leadership Development for Global High Tech Distribution

Case study illustration - Global Tech Leadership Development

Client's challenge

The culture of the organisation is demanding and fast-paced, with under-resourced teams working across multiple time zones. Leadership is directive, targets are ambitious and expectations are high. Following a reorganisation a group of high-potential yet young and relatively inexperienced direct reports were asked to step into leadership positions.

Our collaboration

Our current engagement follows a 12 month team coaching initiative with a Senior Team. We were engaged by the Leader who wanted to develop capability within throughout her vertical with an initial focus on vertical team leads and above.

We began with a discovery phase to understand more about each leaders unique context, development needs, challenges and desired outcomes. These 1:1 conversations enabled us to meet the leaders where they were and to design a bespoke program in support of their leadership development.

Our approach was to create the foundation for these leaders to lead well, with a program framework based on the four Emotional Intelligence pillars. Within this, the learning was highly experiential, focusing on their real challenges to support participants’ learning and create sustainable behaviour change outside and beyond the program.

Interspersed between the ten group learning sessions are 1:1 coaching sessions, to support each individuals development in their unique context, and small group collaborative learning sessions to focus on current challenges and leverage the growing capability and skill set of the group to progress.

What we learned:

Connect well to build trust with and within the group. Remain flexible to adapting the program in response to emerging needs to maximise benefits for participants.


The shared experience has built a strong sense of trust, connection and safety among the leadership team. Individuals feel more confident in stepping forward into their leadership roles and the opportunity that they have to shape their future and that of the team. Overall the team is becoming more independent and self-sufficient, freeing up senior leaders to focus their energy elsewhere. The work continues!

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