Organisational Coaching and Emergent Development for Cutting Edge Tech

Case study illustration - Emergent Development for Cutting Edge Tech

Client's challenge

We were invited to the client as the Leadership Team had a sense that things could be better. They didn’t know what. Their division of 1,000 engineers was recognised as “a competitive advantage” and “game change” when compared to competitor organisations and they wanted to amplify this.

Our collaboration

During a diagnostic phase we interviewed 20+ individuals, a mix of the engineering community, scientists and other stakeholders to understand better their situation and culture. We also ran a number of focus groups. Our diagnostic output presented back four questions to the organisation. These strongly resonated with the leadership. They were struck by our ability, as non-engineers, to inform them of their organisational challenges and opportunities!

With a desire to make the difference themselves, we kicked off Phase one: Team coaching, 1:1 coaching for team members: process and facilitation interventions. Through this, team purpose, roles and responsibilities were clarified and ratified. The Leadership Team self organised into working groups to pursue priority initiatives: community, practice, learning, capability.

The development of the Leadership Team continued during phase two: the initial core members team have stepped back, having taken more senior organisational roles and a new wave of leads have emerged.

The achievements of the initial Leadership Team was recognised and the new team repositioned and ready to continue. Phase two extended into the system to support specific organisational initiatives: practice development and community learning. We were alongside them in their drive for faster learning and innovation, creating a safe space and encouraging them to lean into what’s not known.

What we learned:

Reflect frequently on the part we are playing in their endeavour. Repositioning ourselves and evolving interventions to equip them to self develop.


Creation of an organisationally influential team. Increased agency of that team to make a difference. Significant shift from short term tactical to long term strategic thinking.
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