Community Development Program for Global Pharmaceuticals

Case study illustration - Pharmaceutical Community Development

Client's challenge

Two different teams within the same organisation are responsible for different aspects of a particular disease area, which contributes the most revenue for the entire organisation, at $1.5bn per quarter. The leaders of each team approached us to support an integrated development of their teams. The objective was primarily to improve collaboration.

Our collaboration

We engaged every member of each team to discover what the reality of their experience was in working in the organisation. This generated a range of valuable themes and insights which created a report for the teams to consider.

We brought each team together on their own for a half day offsite, before bringing both together the following day for an integrated offsite, where we also invited a key stakeholder from outside the system to contribute their voice to the development agenda of the two teams.

The output from these sessions was a deep understanding and appreciation of what each individual wanted for themselves, what they wanted to develop within their teams and what development meant in between their teams.

Based on this, we created a Community Development Program.

This program sees a group of five cohorts experience a one year development journey, which integrates 1:1 and group coaching, group development, group training and whole-community events. This blend was considered as the most effective way of providing the experiences which would stimulate the change the people were asking for.

In considering the needs of all stakeholders in this process, we designed a program which is scalable and where the stakeholders are now asking to be integrated into it as well! This is a unique approach to development which values identity and difference.


Our phenomenological and relational approach, where we sought to truly understand the situation of the people as it is, enabled us to co-create an exciting program which would enable employees to bring their unique challenges and development needs to an intimate space for exploration, reflection, support, challenge and ultimately, development.

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