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Because our Team Coaching is always systemic, we recognise that we have developed ways in which we coach organisationally.  This isn’t simply starting with the most senior team and cascading down in a very traditional sense.  We work across the organisational system, seeking development without the need to reinforce the hierarchical cascade.  We might typically focus on one particular team whilst being aware of wider systemic tensions and dynamics. 

Two inter-connected teams. We have coached a combination of two teams in a high tech organisation that had interdependencies, yet identified differently and failed to work collaboratively.  Our work on Inter-Dependent and Extra-Dependent Teams helped bring clarity to misunderstandings on both sides.  The outcome was clear partnering and integration between individuals across both teams.

Organisational-diagnostic. We have run an organisational diagnostic for a division within an innovative high-tech organisation.  The leaders felt things were not good enough, but could not pinpoint the issues.  Following a series of interviews we highlighted the need for a leadership team and to connect better with other parts of the organisational system.  Most interestingly though, this organisation is at the cutting edge of high tech innovation, and our specialism on communities of practice and Extra-Dependent Teams helped us recognise that there was a key group of people missing in an area of work that had never existed before.   The outcome was a long-term collaboration developing teaming and the development of the new community group around which an enhanced practice and identity will be created.

Senior Leadership Team and their emerging Talent. We have worked with a group of identified Talented individuals who the senior leadership team identified as possible successors.  On initial engagement we identified that the Talent group wasn’t going to succeed because the senior leadership team was dysfunctional.  Working with the leadership team, we deliberately included them into the sponsorship of the Talent individuals, drawing them together as a closer team and helping them to represent each other, rather than only themselves.  The outcome was that the Talent group became much more involved in the strategic agenda of the senior leadership team.

Our Organisational Coaching essentially originates from team coaching, but is not limited to a particular team. Instead we consider the wider system that is affecting the need we are working on and engage with it in our In-Tension-All approach. We are not Agile coaches, but incorporate agility and organisational learning into our work. We are not Teal protagonists, yet the essence of Laloux’s work is at the heart of our coaching. We are Organisational Coaches who use 1:1, team and team-of-team coaching to add the most value to the most people.

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