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A bit about us

We are organisational coaches who embed coaching into the leadership and learning culture in organisations.

We coach leaders and teams and we develop coaching skills in leaders and teams.

Our In-Tension-All approach turns aspiration, inspiration and perspiration into value creation for complex organisations.

Want a Coach?

We are qualified, accredited coaches in a world that is increasingly demanding coaching. We coach individuals, teams and teams of teams.

Our coaching is In-Tension-All, relational and systemic.
In-Tension-All coaching helps shift life’s inevitable tensions from corrosive to constructive – and we do this deliberately. We build a trusting, stretching, aspiring coaching relationship which enables growth – at your pace, in your direction, for and with your people.

We help you explore the wider system agendas, priorities and needs, helping you to find the part you can play at your best, for yourself and your organisation.

Want to Coach?

We are experienced facilitators of professional coaching skills development. We provide open and in-house accredited programs for aspiring leaders and coaches.
Coaching is widely accepted as a key skill for leaders inside their own teams and it is increasingly recognised that internal coaches add tremendous value to organisations.

Why we do this

We believe everyone deserves to be led well.

We love to enable people and teams to thrive within their systems, locally and organisationally. We always work systemically – supporting a minority to make the difference for the majority.

What Our Clients Say

A small sample of the kind words from our happy customers
Dave worked for me as part of our Capability Development Programme. Dave always provided a professional, valuable, and educated solution to what was a huge undertaking. I have no doubt that Dave was integral to the success of the work-stream, and I have no doubt I will be procuring Dave’s services again in the future.
Wesley Cadby
Wesley Cadby Head of Risk Management, LFM
David's seminar on Extra-Dependent Teams was extremely thought-provoking, not only for the interesting content that he walked us through, but for the way that he facilitated an engaging and lively conversation within the whole group. I highly recommend attending one of David's seminars to gain a useful insights into some of the dynamics you may be experiencing in your organisation
David Deegan
David Deegan Executive Development Director, Cranfield School of Management
I hired David to help me as I had been indecisive and unproductive at work whilst trying to spin-out my business. I explained what I was trying to do and the options I was unable to choose between. He asked incisive questions and we discussed the issues generally. We also discussed a difficult relationship that I had with one of my small team. David helped me decide which strategic direction to concentrate on and explained how I could improve the relationship. His help was invaluable - I am now progressing well with spinning-out my £4.5mm business and am enjoying a more productive (and enjoyable!) relationship with the team member. I shall be using him again.
Paul Hollowday
Paul Hollowday CFA, CEO at Wetstone Capital
Your work to bring the ‘voice’ of our stakeholders into the team, enabled the leaders on the team to both connect with our stakeholders’ priorities as well as see the interdependencies with each other to serve those priorities and the opportunities that come from closer connection...having the voice of our stakeholders in the room during that offsite was enormously powerful, and made a huge impact... Ultimately, you helped to create a shared purpose for the team that drove alignment on how we work together more effectively to meet the needs of our stakeholders...
Marty Ellis
Marty Ellis Chief of Staff, Global Growth, eBay

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